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Very few things we have clear about the Magia Magia born.

The first one, is that it began (we donít know how) in Barcelona at the beginning of 2002. Itís true, however, that the seed is from much more earlier. Specifically the illusion for the ILLUSION, comes to us from seen Juan Tamariz at the ďUn, Dos, TresĒ, a lot earlier than we met each other.

The second one, is that we wanted to join two similar ways to see and feel the magic although our styles and trajectories were so different.

The two of us believe that you audience are the most important element to produce magic, in a pub table, on a scenery or in the middle of the street.

MAGIC is not a routine, an effect or a great trick, but the complicity that we create between the audience and the magicians when we dare to play together the impossible. We can only to propose to you the show, itís up to you to dare to enjoy. And in magic, to enjoy needs to dare to cross the line that separates illusion and disillusion. This is our challenge. That you dare to jump to the side of the illusion and the marvellous; to the side of MAGIC.

Donít believe no one that tell you that magic doesnít exist, that itís just tricks. Magic exists, if we let it, at the physical, mental and emotional space that we create between the magician and the audience.

Farther than the hang of the cards, the pigeons and the top hats, and regardless of the complexity of the games, itís possible TO MAKE MAGIC, only we have to dare together and let ourselves go...

When you audience get joined to the illusion and jump with the magician, getting shot towards the impossible, MAGIC is created.