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MAGIA MAGIA is a company dedicated to the world of magic.

We’re two magicians of Barcelona (Edu and Flanagan!) that are in the magic stuff from the last millennium (don’t get wrong, with time this sentence will wan in magnitude).

We have an ample experience in appearances of close up magic, magic in small groups and stage magic

Although we act mostly in Catalonia, we have also act in other Spanish places as Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja, País Vasco, Andalucía y Aragón. Aboard from Spain we’ve made shows in Andorra, Paris, London and Oporto.

The focus of our shows is based in the incorporation of the audience. We are only part of the show and for that reason, our appearances are focused to seek the participation and enjoyment of the audience. So let yourself go, have a good time and enjoy the illusion... Don’t worry, we do the most humiliating part.

Do you want to know our shows?

Edu | Flanagan
MAGIA MAGIA - The Magic Company