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  • Lear +50 magic tricks. 
  • Discover magical secret techniques we magicians use in our shows.
  • Build your own magic props.
  • Find out about old magicians stories. 

CD Production Team: Héctor (Sound), Alfons (Cam), Raúl (Lighting), Manu (Director), Flanagan y Edu

  • MAGIA PARA NIÑOS. produced by Planeta de Agostini.
  • P.V.P.: 19'95 €
  • You can also find it at El Corte Inglés o el FNAC or you can buy it throght the internet in this page. (We have no relationship whatsover with this website. It's the first we found)


"Magic for Kids is our first CD about magic. It was recorded in summer of 2004 and it came out to the market last Christimas.

Definitely it has been one of the coolest projects we have been involved. During the preparation we had a great time going through magic books, discussing about which tricks should we include and who was to perform each trick. It was so fun because we could do some tricks we didn't perform ever sonce we were kids. Edu even dressed up as a Bricomaniac.

Maybe the best part of it has been having the chance to help future magicians to have contact with this art. As matter of fact sometimes becomes difficult to find material for the youngest. Our idea was to make a selection of both effective and easy-performing tricks so no one gets frustrated. Becuse let's not fool ourselves, becoming a magician can be a tough work so we better enjoy it specially in the beggining.

It's also true that public is the most important for magic to happen. Performing for and by yourself you will never feel the magic so that's why you have to jump on stage. Dare to make mistakes. Dare to succeed. But forst of all you have to love MAGIC and afterwards enjoy the applauses.

We also want to thank "MANUAL PRODUCTIONS" and "SHERWOOD MEDIA". To "MANUAL" for nos killing us during the taping and to Pere and Ana for letting us fool them. To all of them thank you.

During the taping no one got hurt. However we specially want to thank África, Carmen, Daksha, Elma, Francesc, Lucas y Paula. Thank for helping us and delying with the heat take after take. Agin thank you for giving us support because after magic without public is nothing but a trick.