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Polvos Mágicos


  • 1 Magician
  • 10-15 minutes show in the main table
  • 2 horas of close-up magic with guests
  • DJ (ask for information if interested)
  • We wil bring our mics and 200 W of sound (50-70 people)
  • Shows outside Barcelona will have and extra-charge (depending on distance)

For a made-to-measure show or other requirements don't hesitate in contacting us for further information on prices and availability 


Our show for weddings is called "Viva los novios"

We'll come to your wedding and perform for you, your relatives and friends. We usually do some close-up magic jumping from table to table and finish at the main table with a special finale.

Since a wedding is such a personal celebration we would always adapt to your preferences. If you would like any other way to organize the show we will be more than glad to adapt ourselves.

If you don't want your uncle/aunt yelling "Viva los novios" the main show in your wedding just give us a call. We are the only solution.

Now that you've decided who sits where you are ready to hire us.

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