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Polvos Mágicos


  • It includes sound equipment until 200 W.
  • It doesn’t include illumination, nor assembly of stage.
  • To go to places farther than 70 Km. from Barcelona will be budgeted apart.
  • These budgets are approximated. Modifications can be made depending on the act needs.
  • They’re just orientative until a definitive budget, that will be presented after concreting the final product.
  • These prices don’t include IVA.

For a made-to-measure show or other requirements don't hesitate in contacting us for further information on prices and availability 


Big show with two magicians on stage ideal for shows of medium and big size.

If there is any show that we enjoy specially is in this one, as the two of us can be together at the stage, and while one acts the other has the luck to see close up magic.

In MAGIA MAGIA we combine two different ways to act that we believe lives up the show. What would become of Estopa without the one with the knob?, and of Dúo Dinámico without the little one?, and of Ortega without Gasset?...

Ah! And if the occasion allows it also comes with us Felipe (the duck of MAGIA MAGIA) and help us at the last act. In fact HE DOES the last act.

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